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Through developing a deep understanding of your business priorities we are able to design a public relations strategy that speaks to your organisation’s direct needs. Some of our core specialties include simplifying complex technologies for a business or consumer audience, driving thought leadership campaigns and creative concepts that move your brand out of the clutter of your competitors.


Our public relations services include:

  • Strategy

  • Content development

  • Message framework development

  • Strategic campaigns

  • Media relations

  • Crisis communications

Digital Communications
Digital communication, social media.

As the world continues to embrace social media platforms as part of the norm, we believe in developing social media strategies that make sense for our clients. We do not believe that you have to have a social media asset purely because it exists, but rather that you should engage on those platforms that your target audience engages with. We also believe that creative social media campaigns go a long way in ensuring that brand is engaging and you get to know your target audience better.

One of our core strengths lies in integrating your social media campaign with traditional public relations to ensure that you have a common message across platforms while differentiating yourself from competitors. 

Our social media services include:

• Social media asset creation

• Community management

• Content development

• Strategic campaigns

Crisis Communications
Crisis Communications

In a digital world, where social media has become king, the process in which an organisation deals with a sudden emergency situation can make or break that organisation. Our crisis management service takes on a proactive approach rather than a reactive one. We identify potential issues that may arise and find solutions that will rectify them.  

We handle all the elements of crisis communications on your behalf to reduce the pressure on you.


Our crisis communications services include:

  • Crisis communications strategy and process development

  • Proactive reputational risk monitoring

  • Crisis communications management

We first understand your business & its priorities, then tailor an integrated communications solution that meets your needs.


Creatively designed events are a great way of exposing your brand to your target audience and getting your message across. At McD Squared we believe in designing event concepts in which we use your company’s messaging creatively to make them more memorable.​


Our events services include:

  • Concept development

  • Event management

  • Management of media attendance

  • Live social media management


Marketing is your direct link to the customer and it is therefore critical that it clearly defines your organisation. Again, at McD Squared we believe in an integrated approach, making sure that all your collateral speaks to your customers’ needs, driving your company’s key messages throughout the process.


Our marketing services include:

  • Corporate literature

  • Creative corporate gifts and media packs that carry your brand message to the target audience

  • Corporate clothing for any occasion

Industry analyst relations
Industry Analyst Relations

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive, on-going industry analyst relations campaign to suit your specific needs. We will identify the right industry analysts for you to engage with, assist in developing key discussion points and manage the entire process to enable you to have those valuable discussions that keep your brand top of mind. 

Creativity is at the heart of what we do!


As part of our service offering at McD Squared, we provide training to clients around media and social media-specific issues. 

Our training services include:​

  • Social media – this is tailored for your company and caters for beginner and intermediate users, teaching them how to use social media more effectively, what the dangers of social media are and how to use their own personal social media assets to build the company brand

  • Message training – this is not media training, but rather based on your company messaging, ensuring that your spokespeople can confidently weave in your messaging in any interview scenario

  • Media training – for the new spokesperson on the block this is an introduction on how to deal with media interviews. It includes what to do and what not do during a media interview and how to handle difficult or contentious media interviews. In these sessions, we also include handy tips on how to prepare for a media interview